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New Issue Out June 1, 2008. Email us for a free copy.

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* Daily Ramblings about New York City
* Printable Guides with Maps and Coupons
* You can also save events to your guides
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* The Same Quirky Quest to take in the Big Apple

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When the watched kettle boils, or May 15, 2008.

Are there sneak peeks?

No. Very velvet ropey. Just wait.

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New Format!

After printing a few magazines in New York City, we decided to change the format. This will make it easier for locals and tourists to carry it around, and they will want to. Each ad page for local businesses will now have a map and tear away coupons, which are exactly what everyone wants out of a guide.

Each tear away ad in Empire State is the exact size of a business card, allowing clients and customers to save your information while keeping your ad in the guide. We think it's win/win for everyone.

Also, users of our web system will be able to select then print local businesses for standard home printers. As your ad appears in our printed the guide, so will it for clients on their paper.

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